What is your return policy?

  • You may now exchange items (apparel, shoes, handbags) from your gift bag if you'd prefer.  
  • You must offer a reason for your exchange and give the I-ELLA team further guidance on your styling preference.  
  • All exchange requests must be made within 5 days of the delivery of your package.
  • You may exchange multiple items from your gift bag.
  • You may only exchange once per gift bag (your exchange
  • Members are responsible for covering all return costs (i.e. shipping, etc.)
  • Exchanges are not permitted on international packages (it's cost prohibitive).  However, international member may request sample images of their items before receipt.



Can I invite other people to be on The List?




Do you have pictures from previous gift bags?



April Sneak Peek

March Sneak Peek

More photos!


(all items to the left have appeared on The List)






Does The List close?
Yes. There are limited bags available each month. When all of those bags have been purchased, The List will close and new members will be waitlisted.




Can anyone join The List?

The List is a members only community.  The Gift Bags are a service provided by The I-ELLA Team.  Acceptance on to The List is at the sole discretion of I-ELLA. I-ELLA also maintains the right to remove existing members from The List if we do not feel the service is a good fit for the member.  




Who's on The List?

The List members are from all around the US (from California to North Carolina, New York to Oklahoma) and select countries outside of the US including France, UK, Japan, Canada, Spain, Australia and more. The average List Member is in her mid twenties - late thirties and has a keen sense of style with an average HHI of $130,000/year.




I'm over the age of 40, is The List for me?

Absolutely!  The List is a personalized service.  The I-ELLA Team takes into account your age, style, restrictions and more.

Are the items in the gift bags pre-loved like those on
No.  All items in the I-ELLA Gift Bags are brand new. We obtain our pieces directly from the designer and package them just for you.  I-ELLA has an extensive review process for selecting designers to be a part of the I-ELLA Gift Bag.


When do I get my bag?
We will aim to begin delivering gift bags by the 15th of the month for US customers and will vary for international.  Delivery date could change in the matter of circumstances outside of our control.  Once your bag has shipped, you will be notified via USPS.  For any delivery questions, please contact us at  




What designers have you had in past bags?

Lauren Merkin Handbags

Amrita Singh Jewelry

Sam + Lavi Clothing

Cynthia Steffe Clothing

Biko Jewelry

Kooba Handbags

Elizabeth McKay Clothing

Rachel Pally

Chan Luu

A + Ro


and more...  (all items are provided directly by the designer).




What beauty brands and product donations have you had in the past bags

Armour Beauty Lip Gloss



S.W. Basics 

Herban Essentials


Hand in Hand Soap




and more...  (all products are provided directly by the brands).





What's the difference between each bag?

The content of each bag will vary based upon the value.

The Starter Bag is $59/month + shipping.  (For all new members beginning October 1, 2012)

The SoHo Bag is $129/month + shipping (For all new members beginning February 1, 2013) 

The St. Barth's Bag is $389/month with free shipping within the continental US.


Each bag will contain 3 - 5 (or even more) items with 1 - 2 being featured designer pieces along with free products.


Which bag is most popular?

The SoHo Bag ($129/month) is the most popular bag.





Do you ship internationally?
Yes, we ship worldwide! There is a $35 fee for shipping internationally.



How much is shipping?

Shipping is ~ $10.00 within the continental US for the Starter and SoHo Gift Bag.  International shipping is $35.00 unless otherwise noted.




What kind of discounts can I expect?

I-ELLA Gift Bags are about discovery first.  Our goal is to delight you with each bag you receive - as if your bff (or bf) is sending you a gift each month.  Bags could be up to 50% off based on the retail value of each item.  We do not guarantee a specific discount on your bags.  Our first priority is finding what we love.




Will the bags contain current season merchandise?

Yes, Yes, Yes!  We're very proud of this. 75% or more of the items in the I-ELLA Gift Bags are from the current or upcoming season.




Will I know what will be in my bag before I receive it?
No.  But that is the beauty and fun of it.

Like any gift bag you would receive at a party, you will not know what’s in it until you open it. Our stylists and insiders take all of your style preferences into consideration when choosing the pieces for your gift bag to ensure your satisfaction.




What are my gift bag selections based on?
We select what pieces will go into your specific gift bag based on your style profile. Taking all of that information into consideration, we pick out the perfect items for you.


When will my credit card be charged?
You will be invoiced via Paypal.  Please contact us at

Do I have to commit to being on The List for a certain amount of time?
Yes. Each subscription for being on The List is for your choice of either 3 (three) or 6 (six) months. When we have received your final payment, we will send you an e-mail notification with the chance to renew.


Can I buy just one month?
Unless otherwise indicated by I-ELLA, you cannot commit to one month.  Once you sign up for The List, the I-ELLA team begins planning and coordinating with our network of buyers.  This requires sufficient time, thus our requirement that each member of The List committs to at least 3 months. All members benefit when each member sticks to this rule.


What happens when my subscription to The List is up?
After your last payment has been processed we will send you a notification e-mail or an invoice to renew your subscription to The List. This will give you an opportunity to update your profile if you’d like or maintain your current information and continue receiving gift bags.


Can I change my gift bag?
Yes. To change your gift bag just send us an e-mail to indicating which gift bag you have and which one you would like to switch to. We will then alter your payments accordingly.



How do I change my profile if I am on The List
Yes. To change your profile, just send us an e-mail to  Subject:  Profile change.   


Are you charging a sales tax?
The Starter Bag does not have a sales tax, but both the Soho Bag and the St. Barth’s Bag will have an added sales tax if it’s being shipped within New York state.


Can I purchase multiple gift bags?
Yes. If applicable, you will have to submit a style profile for each bag. The bags are invoiced so simply provide the email address of the individual who is paying for the bag.



Can I cancel my subscription to The List?
Due to the amount of time in advance we need to purchase the items for each gift bag, you cannot cancel your subscription to The List until the end of your 3 month subscription period. Once you have signed up you must fulfill each monthly payment. Payments will be made automatically between the 1st and 5th of each month of your subscription.



I just moved, how can I give you my new address?
Just send us an e-mail to with your name, previous address, new address and which gift bag you purchased and we will update your information.  





Could you tell me more about and the founder was founded by Ella Gorgla.  A native of Monrovia, Liberia, Ella received her BS in engineering from THE Ohio State University (go Bucks!), MBA from Columbia Business School and Masters from London Business School.

I-ELLA was conceived from a LOVE of Fashion, INTEREST in Business + Technology and a DESIRE to give back.  The company was named after her grandmother.


Named "10 NYC Startups to Watch" by Time Inc. and "Best of The Web" by InStyle Magazine, I-ELLA is an innovative, fashion-forward, charitable online marketplace where invitation-only users can BUY, BORROW, SWAP + SELL/LEND the latest must-have fashion apparel, accessories and more. Not only can members buy the latest designer apparel at a discount, they can also share their own prize finds with other I-ELLA users by electing to sell their wares, let others borrow them for a small fee, or simply swap. In addition, ten percent of each transaction fee will be donated to a charity or social venture. You will never look at your closet the same way again.


I-ELLA also features auctions of celebrities and style icons including uber stylist Mary Alice Stephenson, legendary model, Veronica Webb, MTV’s The City star, Whitney Port, as well as other top-notch A-listers. Each individual pulls together their most-loved pieces and gives a brief history for each. Users then bid on items during an auction, with proceeds benefiting the celebrity’s charity of choice. Stars have the opportunity to share their love of fashion with fans while promoting a good cause. In addition to celebrities, fashion industry veterans will have the opportunity to sell their pieces and promote their causes as well.


Membership is free. Listing is free. Giving is forever.


For inquiries, please contact